At HipHop School we are a large dance family that works continuously to grow together with professionalism and fun. Growing with you is our way of understanding dance and based on that we continue to work and grow together in the exciting world of Hip Hop.


My first contact with Hip Hop was in 1986 at the Plaza Universidad metro station, a meeting point for all the Hip Hop culture in Barcelona. From there a world of possibilities opened up for me to develop my great passion for this movement.

After my time in the US, where I trained, my only goal was to fulfil the dream of opening my own urban dance school.

I was able to realize my dream in this undertaking in 2001, opening the doors of my own school: The Urban Dance Factory. The comings and goings of young dancers to my school led me to think that putting a street dance in a school required an organization and a quality methodology that was non-existent until then, much more elaborate to maintain the essence of Hip Hop. So in 2005, I started up HipHop School.

After 4 years of creation and development, I had already prepared my programme: HipHop School Irene Pallarés, aimed at young people aged 9 and over. Implementing it in the first schools in the country with great success.

The birth of my daughter sharpened my educational values further, which led me to continue thinking that it was necessary to develop these values at an early age.

Endorsed by more than 40 schools between Spain and Europe and with more than 1,000 students who are still being trained with our teaching method, my team and I continue to develop and work on new ideas to continue to offer the best possible product to all those who have put their faith in the HipHop School.


Our vision is that of an innovative company that is one step ahead in educational and emotional development, and which aims to attract Hip Hop schools and dancers so they can achieve organized, dynamic, fun and continuous training by means of the HipHop School method.

HipHop School is a leading company that aims to shift the focus in the training of Hip Hop teachers to give them a more comprehensive view of dance, using our methodology, and thereby reaching students everywhere with the same quality control.


The HipHop School’s mission is to provide serious, standardized and organized training tools to dance schools, to promote Hip Hop among all dance lovers, based on its psycho-physiological and motor features.

The HipHop School method is a leading method for continuous training, implemented in schools in Spain and parts of Europe, unique in quality control related to schools, teachers and students.


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