HipHop School is a unique method of continuous training in Hip Hop, available to and for everyone.


HipHop School is a programme of continuous training in Hip Hop, created by Irene Pallarés, with over 20 years experience in urban dance training. The HHS method gives dancers a comprehensive and balanced training, being based on the work of technique, rhythm, expression, style and foundation in Hip Hop.
The advantages of our method are:

  • Improved technique and style.
  • Development of musicality and expression.
  • Learning the foundation of Hip Hop.
  • Enrichment of artistic creativity.
  • Improved physical condition.
  • Enhanced self-esteem.
  • Facilitates social relations.

The HHS Method was created in 2004, evolving and growing with the dancer. The centres attached to our programme and our continued growth guarantee the professionalism of our teaching method.


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