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HipHop School programmes are fresh, dynamic and cater for diversity. Growing with us is possible through HHS Kidz, HHS Grades, HHS Premium and HHS Styles.


Fun for the little ones is critical, and getting the maximum potential out of every child through playing and dance is our way of working, because learning must be fun.

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Dance, enjoy yourself and train with the only Hip Hop programme that provides thrills and makes you laugh and learn to dance at the same time. HHS Grades is methodically designed to bring out the dancer in young people.

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It’s never too late to unleash the Hip Hop dancer in you. Enjoying the present and being able to live out and share dreamed-of experiences is the desire of our premium community.

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Studying a particular style of Urban Dance in greater depth is important for every dancer. HHS Styles gives you the opportunity to investigate: Hip Hop, Dancehall, Bboying, House Dance, Freestyle.

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