Fun for the little ones is critical, and getting the maximum potential out of every child through playing and dance is our way of working, because learning must be fun.

At an early age it is essential for parents that their children are motivated and happy in any activity. In HHS KIDZ our goal is to channel their energy through music and dance, using movement as a means of expression. Every child is unique, and so they are treated personally, adapting the steps to their development and maintaining their motivation to come and dance intact at all times.

In each of them there is an infinite potential to be developed through their form of expression; dancing is our key tool to achieve it and their evolution is reflected in each course.

HHS Kidz is organised into two courses:

  • Kidz Flow: 6-7 years old
  • Kidz Superdancer: 7-8 years old

During these courses they are initiated in dance, with fun, body control, rhythmic sense and enhancement of their creativity through movement and music.

*Note: Age is by way of guidance. Each teacher decides the grade depending on the age, abilities of each student, etc.


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